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2008: Releases

Jeff arrives in Nice, France June 9th for the grand opening of Makeup School Academy (MUSA).

Obscure Artifacts has joined forces with MUSA and Gaston Altmeisch to create a world-class course on The Techniques of Special Makeup Effects.

The first class will take place from June 16th-23rd on the beautiful French Riviera.

More classes to follow in 2009.


NIGHTMARE MAN hits the streets March 18, 2008 as part of the 8 FILMS TO DIE FOR-AFTER DARK HORRORFEST 2 from Lionsgate. Click on the image for the official web site.

TWO: THIRTEEN still in post-production. Check back later for details or click on the image for the official web site.

PARASOMNIA still in post-production/VFX. Check back later for details or click on the image for the official web site.

Fangoria Article - Parasomnia


2008: Upcoming

April 11, 2008- Ghost House Underground and Lionsgate to release BROTHERHOOD OF BLOOD.

                      Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert's new DVD label has acquired Michael Roesch and

                      Peter Scheerer's (ALONE IN THE DARK, IN THE NAME OF THE KING: A DUNGEON

                      SIEGE TALE) directorial debut for their initial slate of releases later this year.


03/08- Providing prosthetic and prop effects for Charles Band's KING BONG: EVIL BONG II


03/08- Alien designs for THE MOJAVE EXPERIMENT.

Obscure Artifacts to provide effects for “51". Cindy Carroll is producing this project for the Sci Fi Channel.

More details to follow. 

Recent Projects:

TROPIC THUNDER: Ed French sub-contracted me to do a fat- face sculpture and mold for Jeff “Fats” Portnoy, played by Jack Black. In this comedy directed by Ben Stiller, Black’s character is an actor best known for his show THE FATTIES.

MONK: I provided sculpture, molds, lab support and fabrication for 3 episodes shot at the end the 2007. Again I was helping out my old friend, Ed French.

UNNATURAL: I provided some props and makeups for director Mike Timm’s original take on vampires.

MICROSOFT PRINT AD: Sculpture and mold for a Cyclops character designed and supervised by Ed French.

MY DAMN CHANNEL: Sculpture and molds for characters portrayed by Harry Shearer. Project was supervised by Ed French. Go to: to view.




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